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About Us

Welcome From the Dean

With pleasure I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Agriculture home page on the Website  of  University of Khartoum.
The mission of the Faculty is to generate and invest in knowledge and technology, to utilize and manage natural resources efficiently, to produce sustainable agricultural development, produce food, alleviate poverty and concoct qualified cadre to lead and develop agricultural production, rural societies and community Through,research, transfer and settlement of knowledge & technology. The Faculty is contributing with other local, regional and international partners to develop the agricultural production and scientific research.
Since its establishment in 1938, the Faculty had stressed fast development in its infrastructure, departments (increased from 3 to 10) academic programs (from 3 to 13 according to 2007 Academic reform) and teaching systems (from Year to Semester System and finally to modified Credit Hour System). The faculty is blessed with an outstanding staff members recognized locally, regionally and internationally as they achieved success in the local, regional and international organizations. Also they qualified high caliber gradutes who lead development effort, locally and in some Arabian Gulf States.
The Faculty is playing a leading role in realization of the overall agricultural revival currently embodying the whole country. The Faculty partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Irrigation, Khartoum State, had resulted in the establishment of Shambat Agricultural Training Centre, Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory and the Plant Clinic, all of them will contribute to solve some of the several agricultural problems. On the other hand, Faculty partnership with the Federal Ministry of Industry and Sudanese Businessmen Union should result in the establishment of food industry incubator that would serve the food industry’s sector in the country.
The Faculty is the permanent residence for the Society of Arab Colleges of Agriculture (SACA), General Secretariat, one of the arms of Arab Universities Association the Faculty is contributing effectively in the preparation of a project for the Academic & Institutional Reference Standards and an Body for Agriculture, Education Quality &Accreditation.

Mission & Purpose

Generation and utilization of knowledge and technology for efficient and rational use  in the management of the natural resources for sustainable agricultural development., production of food, reduction of poverty, preparation of capable candidates for agricultural development , rural societies and community services through research and technology transfer. Contributing to local and global  endeavors for the improvement of higher education and scientific research.

Faculty Objectives can be summarized in the following:

    Prepare and qualify students to acquire in  agricultural sciences.
    Prepare and qualify students to acquire Diplomas in  agricultural sciences.
    Provide postgraduate studies at the level of higher Diploma, and Ph.D to qualify specialists in the various branches of agricultural sciences and fields of concern.
    Conduct scientific research , dissemination of agricultural knowledge and technologies and their applications that contribute to the scientific advancement of agricultural sciences and serve production and Sudanese agricultural processing.
    Extension and community service in the field of production, agriculture processes, food hygiene, agriculture resources sustainability and environmental hygiene.
    Strengthen ties with the agricultural and industrial production incorporations, agricultural colleges and local, Arabian, African and international research centers and with the regional and international organizations.


How  got its start

- The faculty was established at the beginning as a higher agricultural school in 1938 and belonging to Dept. of Agriculture till 1946

- In 1946 it was affiliated in addition to other schools to Memorial Gordon College which was later called Khartoum university College(1951) and then in 1956 c.

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