Agricultural Training and Community Development Unit

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Back ground

The Faculty of Agricultural in its the orientations of contemporary, involved diligently to transfer its activities to communities outside in the rural and urban areas  and that is to share knowledge, skills, achievements and brainstorming with them about their needs and unchallenged problems >Thus, the Faculty can solve it  or contribute to the solution.

For this purposes a specialized programs have been developed, under many names. These programs have been activated in order to achieve the above objectives, including "the university and the community association," "the university and the rural association"
The unit started in the name of extinction and training unit, Then the name developed to training and community development of the name to of agricultural training, community service unit and was finally have the current name The agricultural training and community development unit



  • Organization of specialized short courses for groups and different levels of:  Faculty staffs, engineers and agricultural professionals, technicians, agricultural technicians and farmers and students. These courses focus on the development and the knowledge, skills, and deepen the sense of positive to agriculture as a Career and as a source of income.
  • Cooperation with the different Faculty’s Departments and with its staffs and researchers in different fields, especially the computer field.
  • Assistance in developing curricula and through the development of teaching methods
  • Serve to get the financial support and, equipment and publications to strengthen the programs of the unit and its diversification
  • Carry out any other  authorized burdens of the Faculty and participate in the work of other technical  Departments  by harnessing its  facilities and human potential and to achieve it.

The organization of the unit

The unit works through a number of specialized programs as follows

  • Training programs in the field of computer, internet and photographing
  • Training program for the production of audio-visual aids and the production of information materials and scientific documentation
  • Agricultural training program within the  Faculty including seminars (Symposiums) and reception of visitors
  • Any other programs required by the circumstances and the need


Administrative Organization

Unit managed by administrative Council, technicians and coordinators team of programs as follows:

  •  Administrative Council
  • The Dean as President
  • The Deputy-Dean as a member  and a Co-Chair
  • Staff representative with professor degree as a member
  • Chairman of the Unit  as a member and reporter
  • Technical Council
  • Head of the Unit as Coordinator
  • the program coordinators as members
  • The technical support system
  •  Technical Director specializing in agricultural sciences and has sufficient knowledge of computer and uses and maintenance, and he has a permanent presence and Deputy of the Director in his absence
  •  Computer lab Monitor  specialist in computer science
  •  Secretary
  •  photographing lab monitor audio-visual specialist and has sufficient experience
  •  Courier


Unit Financing

  •  Allocation by the Faculty
  •  From the direct income of the unit activities and programs
  •  Donations and grants from inside the country and abroad
  •  Any other suitable resources


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