Department of Botany and Agricultural Biotechnology

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1938  The High School of Agriculture was established under the umbrella of the Department of  Agriculture.

1946  The High School of Agriculture was affiliated together with other high schools to Gordon Memorial College.

1951   Gordon Memorial College was renamed University College of Khartoum.

1956   The latter evolved into University of Khartoum with the. At that time Faculty of Agriculture embodied 3 departments:

  •  The Department of Agricultural Botany
  •  The Department of Agronomy
  •  The Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Pedology

1999 The Department has been changed to the Department of Botany and Agricultural Biotechnology. Since that time concomitantly the Department offers the specialization of Agricultural Biotechnology

2001 The Department since that time hosts teaching two intermediate diplomas offered by the Faculty of Technological and Developmental Studies.



  • Enable Agricultural students to have a clear understanding of principles and practices in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Create awareness in the student of the important role of biotechnology in agricultural development with its effects on society and environment
  • Instil interest in the students to keep abreast of the rapid development in this field
  • Qualify the graduating students for work and research in the field of Biotechnology

Teaching Staff: (hyperlink)


There are 2 Professors, 3 Associated Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 3 Llecturers and 3 Teaching Assistant

Teaching Programs:

The Department offers the following teaching programs:-

  • Undergraduate programs:
  • Intermediate Diploma



Diploma Names Duration Credit Hrs Courses
Microbial Biotechnology 3 years 90 pdf
Biological Laboratory Techniques* 3 years 90 pdf

* In collaboration with Department of Crop Protection

  •  B.Sc. in Agricultural Biotechnology

(Duration 5 years 180 credit Hours (10 semesters, first 4 semesters are general and the last ones for specialization).

Since 1956 up to now it continued to offer service fundamental botanical courses (theory and practical) to other departments in the pre-specialization phase in the Faculty, which include:

  • AGBI 101 Plant Morphology and Anatomy
  • AGBI 102 Plant Taxonomy and Ecology
  • AGBI 201 General Microbiology
  • AGBI 202 Introduction to Genetics


In addition,the Department since 1999  offers the courses of the specialization of Agricultural Biotechnology starting form up to the10th semester.


  •  Post graduate programs
  • M. Sc. in
  • a. Agric. Botany
  • b. Agric Biotechnology
  • c. Plant Breeding

(By research, Duration 2 years)


  • Ph.D. in
  • Agric. Botany
  • Agric Biotechnology
  • Plant Breeding

(By research, Duration 3 years)

  • Proposed M. Sc. in Agricultural Biotechnology

(By courses and research, 32 Credit Hours, Duration about 2 years)


  • Main building
  • Includes Teaching labs, Lab preparation room, chemical store, Balance room, Dawi Lecture room, Microbial research labs and   teaching staff offices
  • Upper side-building
  • Include Molecular biology lab, Biofertilizers lab, Tissue culture lab, autoclave room and 2 offices
  • Prof. Hamid Dirar office Microbial Biotechnology building
  • Green  And Glass Houses
  • Botanic Garden

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