Department of Agricultural Economics

Department of Agricultural Economics

The Department of Rural Economy (now Agricultural Economics) has been one of the three departments that constituted the School of Agriculture in 1938. The Department started to offer agricultural economics specialization for under graduate students at the Faculty in 1956/96 academic year. Also the Department is one of the earliest departments that started and conducted post-graduate studies at both master and Ph.D. levels.


The Department Staff now is composed of one Professor, four Associate Professors, six assistant professors, three lecturers and three Teaching Assistants.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate program

The Department offers an academic program in the specialization of agricultural economics for the Faculty students. The program includes 18 courses in agricultural economics to be taught in 5 academic periods.

Post-graduate programs

The Department offers three post-graduate programs as follows:

Master of Agriculture

This program started in 1958 and it is a research type program  in all aspects of rural economy.

Master of Agricultural Economics

In 1983 the Department introduced master program by courses and research (a course program in two semesters and an year research work). In this program the students will be awarded a master of agricultural economics.

Ph.D. program

The Department also, offers a research program that leads to Ph.D. in agriculture (Agricultural Economics).

Research Program

Since its establishment the Department considered the research work as one of its main tasks. The research areas that are of interest of the staff members include all aspects of agricultural and rural development which include production economics, farm management, rural finance, agricultural marketing agricultural polices and development.


The department have a computer laboratory equipped with computers, printers and photo copier for data analysis typing printing and photo coping to the student and the staff. Each of the Department Staff has a personal computer connected with a local network and the University net work with internet facilities.

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