Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Agricultural Engineering


The Department of Agricultural Engineering is one of the departments of the Faculty of Agriculture. Undergraduate students who enroll in the Department are offered B.Sc. (Agric.) Agricultural Engineering. The Department offers post-graduate studies at both Master and Ph.D. levels.


The Department Staff is composed of one Professor, four Associate professors, five Assistant Professors, one Lecturer and three Teaching Assistants.

Academic Programs:

Under-graduate program:

The Department offers an Academic Program in Agricultural Engineering for the Faculty students (Irrigation + Introduction to Agricultural Engineering + Mathematics courses). The program includes 29 courses in Agricultural Engineering taught in six academic semesters.

Post-graduate programs:

The department offers three post-graduate programs as follows:

Master of Agriculture (Agric. Engineering):

This program is a research- type program  in any of the Agricultural Engineering topics. The topics in the areas of: Irrigation, Power, Machinery, Agricultural Crop Processing and Farm Structure.

Master of Agricultural Engineering:

The Department offers a Master program by courses and research (a course program in two semesters and one year research work).

Ph.D. program:

The Department also offers a research program that leads to Ph.D. in agriculture (Agricultural Engineering) in each of the Agricultural Engineering topics.

Research Program:

Since its establishment the department considered the research work as one of its main tasks. The research areas of interest to the Staff members include all aspects of Agricultural Engineering which include agricultural implements, Farm Power and Machinery Management, Design and Evaluation of Irrigation Systems, Using and Reusing of Wastewater,  Irrigation Water Quality and all aspects of Agricultural Processing (Drying, Renewable Energy …etc.) and Environmental Control & Engineering.

Teaching and Research Facilities of the Department:


  • Computer Laboratory: equipped with computers and printers for data analysis , typing and printing to the students and the staff.
  • Farm Power laboratory: equipped with tractor parts and models.
  • Agricultural Workshop: equipped with power and modeling teaching implements.
  • Agricultural Implements laboratory: equipped with Agricultural implements.
  • Irrigation laboratory: equipped with measurement devices, irrigation systems, infiltrometer, soil moister content  tools (Gravimetric method, tensiometers  ).


The Department library contains valuable references and journals in all fields of Agricultural Engineering, besides the library connected with University network with internet facilities.

Lectures rooms:

The department has two lectures rooms one for undergraduate and the other for postgraduate students.

Network :

All rooms in the department building are connected with University internet network.  Internet services is available in all room within the department through the alternatively internet net-work, so it is possible to use the internet from anywhere inside the department, through a cable or wireless


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