Department of Agricultural Extension & Rural Development

The Agricultural Extension and Rural Development specialization was initiated as one of the two options in the Department of Rural Economy before separating into two departments.

Two students are enrolled in the specialization in 1969 followed by


enrolling 9 students in 1970 of whom 5 were male and 4 were female students, 2 of them were from the Department of Home Economics which was closed at an earlier date.

The first 2 students who specialized in agricultural extension graduated in 1970 and the second batch of 9 graduated in 1971. The specialization was frozen for lack of staff and      instead, the final students in the Faculty were given 2 compulsory extension subjects until 1995.

In 1996 the specialization was reopened in preparation for the separation of the Department and 22 students were enrolled.The average number of students in the specializing each year varies between 22 and 25 students of both sexes.

The current group in the specialized this year 2008/2009 is 21 students, including 17 female and 4 male students.

The main objective of the Department is to

  • Train the students in the concepts, knowledge, skills and practice of agricultural extension and rural development.
  • Prepare the students to simplify, package and transfer the technology to the ultimate uses (farmers / producers).
  • Provide the students with the communication technologies and the skills to design and produce audio-visual materials and aids to support the development process.
  • Qualify and prepare the students for self - employment



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