Department of Agronomy

The Department of Agronomy is considered as one of the old Departments of the Faculty of Agriculture, which was established in 1938. The Department of Agronomy deals with Teaching of a number of disciplines required for production of field crops. These include 

  Physiology,Plant Breeding,Soil-plant water relation , Range Mangment ,  Forage Production ,Plant Nutrition, Seed Physiology and Technology. The Department offers different courses in these disciplines for the students majoring in Agronomy and for students of the other Department as Faculty requirements. The Department of Agronomy has well- trained Teaching Staff. A number of quaified techniations in addition to the labour of the Experimental Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Objective of the Departments

  • Training and Qualification of Students at levels of Bachelor, Master and

Ph.D. in the sciences of Agronomy and Plant Breeding.

  • Contribution in the improvement of Field crops, through researches for

Determination of Different Technical packages of the Different field crops,   moreasr the development of improved crop cultivars.

  • Contribution in solving different National Agricultural problems, through cooperation with other external plural and organizations.


Serving and cooperating with the community Degreesnot clear by the Department:

  • Bachelor:

B.Sc. Agric. (Agronomy

  • Master:

I. M.Sc. (Field production)

1.        By research only

2.        By courses and dissertation

II. M.Sc (Plant Breeding)

1.  By courses and dissertation.

  •  Diploma: Diploma in (Seed Technology)
  • Ph.D. degree (Agriculture)


  •  Lecture Rooms
  •  Laboratories: three 1. Seed Technology lab. 2. Plant Breeding lab. 3. Crops Production Lab
  •  Workshops:
  •  Other: Demonstration experimental farm.


  •  Techniations: 4
  •  Savior lab assistant: 3
  •  Junior lab assistant: 3
  •  Clerks: 2
  •  Labour: 3
  •  Total : 15