Department of Soil & Environment Sciences

Department of Soil & Environment Sciences

1938  The High School of Agriculture was founded. Since its establishment till 1946 it was under the umbrella of Department of Agriculture.

1946  It is affiliated together with other high schools to Gordon Memorial College.

1951  Gordon Memorial College was renamed University College of Khartoum.

1956  The latter evolved into University of Khartoum with the. At that time Faculty of Agriculture embodied 3 Departments one of which was Department Agricultural Chemistry and Pedology. Therefore, Since its conception the Faculty embraced a Department that is concerned with Teaching Soil Science (Pedology).

1963  The name Agricultural Chemistry & Pedology was transformed into Deptartment of Biochemistry and Soil Science.

1997  The Department of Biochemistry and Soil Science was divided into two Departments:

 Department of Food Science and Technology

 Department of Soil Science

2003  The Department of Soil Science was renamed “Department of Soil and Environment Sciences”