Self-Evaluation & Quality Unit

Self-Evaluation & Quality Unit

The unit of Self Evaluation and Quality was established in the Faculty of Agriculture February 2009.

Objectives and responsibilities:

1. To disseminate the self evaluation and quality culture among man power and faculty staff.
2. To train the faculty staff on self evaluation and quality processes.
3. To adopt quality benchmarks and quality criteria suitable for institutional and program quality evaluation in the Faculty.
4. To execute the strategies and plans of the University Administration for Self evaluation and Quality and to provide it with data and information about the performance and academic progress.
5. To participate in curriculum designing and revision to cope with the requirements of local, regional and international accreditations.
1. Four faculty members received training on self evaluation and quality process.
2. Preparation of necessary documents for the teaching program and institutional evaluation for the Faculty.
3. Implementation the self evaluation using questionnaires provided by the Administration of Self-Evaluation. The forms included document designed to evaluate the curriculum, the instructor and the learning environment.

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